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Moderators (“mods” for short) monitor and manage the day-to-day affairs and interactions of Wondercafe2. Effective moderation directly impacts the quality of a forum, its appeal, and its usefulness as a community.


Tasks and Duties:


  • Moderate discussion and ensure Code of Conduct is followed by participants
  • Monitor user profiles and other public areas of the community for compliance with Code of Conduct
  • Deal with disruptive users (consistently refuse to follow rules, harass other users, etc.)
  • Respond to user complaints and reports
  • Clean up spam and spam accounts
  • Answer user questions
  • Mentor, and provide assistance and guidance to, sub-forum specific moderators
  • Sit on, and report to, Council
  • Review and update Code of Conduct as needed




Manage threads and posts

  • Delete threads and posts
  • Merge threads
  • Move threads (e.g. if a thread is in the wrong forum)
  • Lock threads (prevents further posting in the thread)
  • Rename threads (ie. Change the subject of the original post)
  • “Stickying” threads (make them appear permanently at the top of the forum)
  • Adding, editing, removing polls in threads


  • Issue warnings to users
  • Issue suspensions or bans
  • Lift suspensions or bans


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