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Should Thomas Have Believed Because The Rest Said So?

We use the phrase 'doubting Thomas' like it's a bad thing.  But is doubting always bad?  Put yourself in Thomas's shoes for a moment, when the rest of the disciples report they had seen the one he knew had been crucified.  How would you have reacted?

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Jim Kenney


Courage to Doubt: Courage to Believe

My Message for April 7.  I am thinking about a variant of the Velveteen Rabbit for the story.


Courage to Doubt: Courage to Believe 2013 04 07  Acts 5:12-32; John 20:19-31

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Theology - Menu or Food?

I was listening to a great interview on Tapestry on my Blackberry last night and there's a good two or three discussion topics in that first interview (haven't even got to the second interview in the episode because I went back to listen to the first again). The interview is with Jewish author Rabbi Rami Shapiro.


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Doubt and Faith

Why I put this on my wall instead of my blog, I'll never know. Moving it here to make it easier to link to.


I post this so often, I'll just stick it on here for quick reference. It is by Robert T. Weston and has been a reading in at least two UU service books, including the current hymn book Singing the Living Tradition. It captures my thoughts on the subject so perfectly that I can't see any reason to write any commentary on it.


Cherish your doubts, for doubt is the handmaiden of truth.

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Jim Kenney


Doubt, Faith and Democracy

My sermon for May 1

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Doubting Can Be A Good Thing.

We had an explosion here yesterday morning and it has been found that there was agas leak in a ruptured pipe. If the city and Sask Energy and Sask Power had doubted that after 60 years these pipes are not in pristine shape, this might have been averted.


If people had doubted the word of one man, Jim Jones, they would not have drunk the Koolaid that led to a mass suicide in Jonestown.


If we doubted that stories we hear about friends, co-workers, clergy may not be true, we would not be part of the gossip mill.


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Was I only kidding meself? Pt II

 Jesuology,  Jesuolatry,  Christology, Christianity and Christianisms.  It's odd that I find kinship with a such a conservative theologian as Hodge when he warns against "bibliolatry" while at the same time having sympathies for the most liberal of Christians: Shleiermacher and Spong.   

Two points have driven my recent thinking (which is, in fact, quite recent as I've avoided theologising for about a year): 

1) We cannot continue to confuse our descriptions of divine work with the divine itself (that would be idolatry) and

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What challenges your faith the most?

And, how do you deal with the challenges, whatever they are?


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Article: An Atheist in the Pulpit

I found this article in Psychology Today magazine, and it resonated with me on a very visceral level, as I was in training for the ministry in back when I decided to leave Christianity behind me.



An Atheist in the Pulpit

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Heard on CBC radio: "The opposite of faith is not doubt: It is certainty."... by Anne Lamont

Hello again my friends!

I was listening to CBC Radio One on my way home from church today.    They have such wonderful discussions on various aspects of faith.    I really felt like I was listening in to a radio version of Wonder Cafe!

Anyways ..... back to the topic .... the discussion was about the very existance of God and the guest was a Jewish Rabbi.

I would like to hear some viewpoints on a very interesting quote that really caught my ear.