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Toronto Casinos

A group of faith leaders recently condemned the idea of a Toronto casino.

Maybe if these leaders practised what their faith demands - to love and serve, build community, take care of the vulnerable, help members develop their God given talents, make members feel part of their church community - maybe we would not have the need for a casino.

I know I'm not alone. But the leaders will never know unless they ask.

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Norval Intentional Community

Norval Intentional Community seeks 4 young adults aged 19-30 to live in intentional community in the village of Norval, ON for 8-10 months, beginning in September 2013.

This is a new ministry of Norval United Church.  During their time in Norval, intentional community members will explore spiritual pratices, ministry leadership, community service and community living.  Participants will also operate an independent movie theatre and embark on a Bruce Trail eco pilgrimage.  

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Digging Bottles Buried in the Basement and the Backyard

Toronto bottle collectors stoneware crock Toronto bottle collectors are preparing for the upcoming 2013 Four Seasons Bottle Club Show and Sale on Sunday April 21st, at Oriole Community Centre-Arena, 2975 Don Mills Road, Toronto (south of Finch)

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Toronto gets to keep their mayor ... for now

So, Ford is off the hook not because he wasn't in a conflict of interest but because council exceeded its jurisdiction in having the vote in the first place. As Clayton Ruby suggests, he pretty much got off on a technicality. Personally, I hope it's over with and that the appeal Ruby suggests doesn't go forward. There a serious issues in how Rob and Doug operate but this isn't the way to deal with them. The electoral finances audit might turn up something more serious and worthy of a fight or it might not, we'll see.

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Radio Contest Winner Lies About Rape & Winds $10,000

Story out of Toronto today where a woman lied about being raped, convinced two others that her story was legit and won $10,000 in a radio contest. Radio station sees no problem and justifies it as "entertainment". Do you?



The game, called Decision Impossible, involves taking three people, asking them why they deserve the money, then forcing them to decide amongst themselves who should win.

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Jobs at GCO: Infrustructre Related (pass it on)

Although I know Aaron will likely have a more official posting here (somewhere), I'm a bit invested in these job postings; successful candidates will work with us here in Ministry and Employment. They're professional roles not related, particularly, with ministry, although that is no barrier (with the required skill qualifications met). Both are roles that have opened due to retirements:

Both can be viewed with all the application details and deadlines on:

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Highlights from the 2011 Toronto Bottle Show

The Seventeenth Toronto Bottle Show was Sunday April 17th 2011

Terry Matz torpedo bottles 2011 Toronto Bottle ShowA terrific after-church activity the Toronto Bottle Show has always been a one day event, and in my opinion its a perfect way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

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When censorship occurs, Queers and the First to Lose


**This was taken from my old blog**

Following Pride Toronto's decision to censor the word "Apartheid" from the festival I've found myself feeling increasingly angry. This just doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel like what Pride is supposed to be about. It's been causing me to reflect on my experience of Pride.

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In another thread, Jae described Toronto as a world-class city.  Someone else disagreed.  I have my own opinions about it so here's a new topic :)


I would not consider moving to Toronto.  I spent a summer in Waterloo and I thought the smog there was bad, I had trouble breathing most of the time.  I was in Toronto for one day and couldn't believe how much worse it is.  The humidity alone would be bad enough, but the pollution was just too much.


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Romancing the Press

Why is the government romancing the foreign press.

The mud puddle of a lake.

Buffet of canadian food hosted for the Press. They have an expence account. Let their papers pay.

What  ts canada going to gain.

As we see from the fiasco of the reporter who wrote the story for Rolling Stone magazine, the Press will write. It doesn't make any difference if they have a lake built for them or if they are romanced at the dining table. The story is what they are after.

A little ticked.

What about you?