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Who do you support in the 2011 Grey Cup? 2 1 year ago
by Dcn. Jae
Do you support the "Occupy" movement in Canada? 5 1 year ago
by Fern
What do you think of the Canadian government's plans to assert the War of 1812 as a "defining moment" for Canada? 5 1 year ago
by Fern
Should cars be banned from city centres? 6 2 years ago
by bob756
Do you try to take advantage of Boxing Day sales? 4 2 years ago
by trishcuit
Do you make New Year's resolutions? 1 2 years ago
by Mahakala
Should Canada do more to help find a solution to climate change at COP17 in Durban? 4 2 years ago
by qwerty
Have you finished your Christmas shopping? 1 2 years ago
by GordW
Should euthanasia be legalized in Canada? 1 2 years ago
by LBmuskoka
Are younger Canadians forgetting the significance of Remembrance Day? 2 2 years ago
by jlin
Do you think it's ok to have an office romance? 4 2 years ago
by Mahakala
Is it wrong for Christians to celebrate Halloween? 3 2 years ago
by qwerty
What are you thankful for? 11 2 years ago
by EverGreen
Are Canadians losing their respect for democracy? 7 2 years ago
by Mendalla
Is it better to pay down your debt or save for a rainy day? 7 2 years ago
by GordW
Is the world healing from 9/11? 8 2 years ago
by trishcuit
Have you experienced "extreme weather" this summer? 4 2 years ago
by Northwind
Will you be watching Jack Layton's funeral on Saturday? 2 years ago
by WonderCafe
Do you support the building of the Keystone XL pipeline which will bring oil from the Alberta tar sands to Texas? 1 2 years ago
by jlin
Should the police release a person's HIV status if they consider that person a risk to the public? 4 2 years ago
by BethanyK