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Strong atheism, explained

This was posted to Quora, and it's really quite well done, I think. It explains better than I can one of the arguments why, while I simply don't believe in any gods and explain that I'm an agnostic (weak) atheist, I lean toward strong atheism.


We start with a common question posed to atheists:



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Coming out to parents as an atheist

This topic has fascinated me recently. I was browsing reddit just now, and came across another story where a 16-year-old announced he was an atheist to his family, and his mother has since refused to feed him under her roof.


I don't go to r/atheism all that much. It used to be such a circle jerk, but to their credit they cleaned the place up of a lot of the crappy meme attempts. The infighting, of course, continues. I still have no interest in posting to atheist communities, it's pointless.


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Stephen Fry writes, "Am I an Islamophobe?"

Thought this was worth sharing. Stephen just posted it.


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The Continuum of Faith

I've been pondering recent threads detailing the great variety of faiths that exist just here on WC.


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A road movie that isn't about a rock band tour

Saw this clip on the Globe's website. It's a promo for a new documentary that follows a speaking tour by Lawrence Krauss and Richard Dawkins both, as I think we know well around here, scientists who are outspoken advocates for atheism.


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John Wilson



The following quote got my attention (From the NYT)

Any thoughts?

"The absence of an afterlife lends a greater, not a lesser, moral importance to our actions on earth."

Hooray for atheism? It does? It might? 

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THE GOD-HYPOTHESIS--A La Richard Dawkins. What A Wonderful Opportunity to Have a Meaningful Dialogue!


Mendalla, about 'god' you say [quote=Mendalla] I don't even ask the question anymore. For me, God (if God is there at all, but that's another discussion) isn't an interventionist supernatural being.


God, for me, must be something else.


God is the wonder and beauty of the world.


God is the forces shaping a world that is constantly changing.


God is the love and hope in human hearts.


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Richard Dawkins in Playboy

No centerfold. Promise.


Below is a good interview with Dawkins, right from Playboy, which everyone reads for the articles.


Note that there are NSFW (not safe for work) though strategicaly blocked (technically non-nude) images in the menu and background, and of course, at the Playboy site you're one click away from naked ladies. But the interview is quite good, and worth sharing.


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I wonder what it's like...

I want to start this off by saying that I'm not trying to judge Atheism or Atheists, this was just something I was thinking about the other night. I'd love to see responses that are also open-minded and non-judgemental from religious people, agnostics and atheists alike.


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Atheism, Non-violent Resistance... are they only First-World options?

I have been mulling over this for a while, but still haven't quite formed what I mean... so bear with me.