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Children's/Intergenerational services

Yesterday was my UU fellowship's annual "Intergenerational Holiday Service". Think White Gift Service but with stories of giving from three different sources, none of them specifically Christian.


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Nativity Video

I found this video, done by the members of a local United Church and a local amateur video club a few years ago, and I thought I would share it as I think it is really well done:


See video

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Mission and Service


Minutes for Mission - July 14: Children Protecting Children

Children are the most vulnerable members of any society. Care for children is an important part of our faith and of our mission and ministry as a church. Hear now the story of the work being done in Kenya so that children can help children.
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The Lord's Prayer and Children

In our church, we recently started doing the Lord's Prayer at children's time. Prior to this, it was done later in the service - after the children leave for Sunday School. It has occured to me that the children probably don't understand a lot of the words and concepts in this prayer, so I have decided that, over the next few weeks, I am going to do some Sunday  School lessons on it for my group of 7-10 year olds. 


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Wondercafe conference

People have tossed around the idea of a wondercafe conference or gathering.


I am posting this thread to allow us to weave in & out of the idea


Some of the things that come to my mind are:

a) what is unique about wondercafe and contributors that would be interesting to others

b) what would the conference look like? would it have lanes similair to the discussion topics

c) what location would make sense 

d) funding  / costs / challenges

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Summer Worship

Some churches, in the summer time have no children, no choir, no coffee time and no young families and no meetings.


What is your practice?


If the church functions like this in the summer, did God take a vacation?



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Helping Others -- Cancer Treatments

Hi folks


I know there are wise and compassionate folks on this site.


I also recognize that there are those who have lived through tough times..when just breathing was about all that you were up to.



I am hoping that all you wise people will list out ideas for supporting folks who are going through treatments or their families.  Of course, it doesn't have to be cancer treatments; however, I figure it is one of the more common scenarios that you might think of

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Essential Sunday School Music

After a somewhat prolonged period without weekly music, I have agreed to help provide our church Sunday School with music.  Because of the prolonged music hiatus, they are something of a fresh page.  What do you consider essential hymns, songs and choruses the dear little sprouts should learn?


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John Wilson


Beat your children - the bible says so.

The rod ? A stick?


Many Fundamental Baptist Churches says make sure to cause pain---.

---saying the Bible insists on it., and have children boarding ;schools dedicated to the elimination of will through  beating. ...

(Big documentary on CNN today...)


What is this? Atheists believe in nothing, Christians can believe anything?