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Jim Flaherty dead at 64

I did not see this one coming. A month after leaving politics, Jim Flaherty is dead of an apparent heart attack at 64. I wasn't a huge fan (he was a Conservative after all) but found him one of the more personable and humane of the Harper cabinet ministers over the years.




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Transgender girl in Colorado persecuted for political reasons now on suicide watch

This is a very sad and troubling story currently underway in the United States.

Please have a look at this article for content and context.

A young transgender student is charged with harassment and other nasty things by a group that claims to represent other students and parents.   It ends up just one...

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Social Media Shares: Social Justice, Alternative News

This is a place to share social media items that you have found.


Some of them may spawn threads to discuss them;however, it would be awesome if this thread was really focussed on the information that you feel is worth passing on to others.


Suggestion:  Pull the links, and put a short description of why you think it is awesome.

Consider it a library.,




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Should President Obama use MLK's bible to be sworn in?

Found this on youtube.  A very interesting topic and a very interesting and passionate speaker that being Dr. Cornel West.  


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Albertans just shouldn't be involved in federal politics


Does Trudeau ever expect me to vote for him now?  To me, it sounds as though the Liberal party doesn't want us to have a fair say.  It was bad enough that for a while we didn't have an equal vote due to the larger population/MP here.

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Mennonite Magazine Warned By CRA For Partisan Articles

Astonishing. And so it begins...



A Mennonite church magazine has been told by the Canada Revenue Agency to be careful about the kind of political articles and editorials it publishes.

In a "reminder" letter sent to Canadian Mennonite Publishing Service earlier this year, the federal agency says engaging in "partisan political activities" could jeopardize the organization's charitable status.

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I heard on the news today that someone reading from a tweet said that they voted Republican in the US until the party was taken over by "Jesus Freaks".


Anyone want to take a stab a telling us who they are?


Do you know any?


Are there some here in the Cafe?

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United Church Takes Students' Side

I just read an article in the Ottawa Citizen that the United Church has taken the side of the Quebec students. First of all, HOW can they take a side on this issue??? Who exactly is making this decision? Last time I checked, the United Church was in every province of this country which means 500 delegates at a conference in Montreal and Ottawa certainly do NOT represent the people of the United Church on a large enough scale to say we have taken a side. Second, the United Church should not be taking a public side.

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The Blaikie Report

The Blaikie Report: An Insider's Look at Faith and Politics, a new book from United Church minister and politician Bill Blaikie, has recently been released by United Church Publishing House. It's gotten off to a great start, with two well-attended book signings in Ottawa and another in Toronto.

The Blaikie Report: An Insider's Look at Faith and Politics