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Welcome Note


Hello,whats up

As i say ,im no preacher,teacher,leader.

here to share my opinion,share my experiences,share my views on things.

and also to read what others have to say,so i m sure i shall

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Doubt and Faith

Why I put this on my wall instead of my blog, I'll never know. Moving it here to make it easier to link to.


I post this so often, I'll just stick it on here for quick reference. It is by Robert T. Weston and has been a reading in at least two UU service books, including the current hymn book Singing the Living Tradition. It captures my thoughts on the subject so perfectly that I can't see any reason to write any commentary on it.


Cherish your doubts, for doubt is the handmaiden of truth.

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Questioning Faith

In this thread, Chansen and Beloved kind of started a tangent about questioning. Having preached a sermon on Examing Faith twice (once in the UCC and again in my UU church), the topic of questioning one's faith is important to me. Indeed, it's one of the foundations of UU'ism. My basic take on it was that "the unexamined/unquestioned faith isn't worth holding." Yes, I'm riffing off of Socrates there.

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Evil vs Ill

I know that there are people across the world who are evil (but I can say that in my life I have not met many)


There are also ill people who do evil things. But does that make them evil? ( If so, I have met many in my life).


So when does ill become evil?


Just pondering after the shooting at Fort Bragg.